These are 18 tips that will help you run faster.

If you don’t have the drive to make your goals a reality, it is impossible to become a great runner, lose weight, or run faster.

Truth is, many highly qualified and deserving people fail to achieve the goals they set out for because they gave up trying after a few weeks, months, or years of creating a masterpiece.

Ryan Hall, Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods were not able to get where they are today without their help. ExtremeThey put in a lot of effort and dedication, but they are still looked upon as if they were on another level.

You may now be thinking, “I don’t want to be an elite athlete.”

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That mindset is fine. However, I want to encourage you to realize your true potential and make it a reality in every aspect of your life.

It is a difficult sport. Sometimes, the results can be years away. What are your willingness to do to make your goal, whatever it may be, a reality?

Running fast is an art form. The beauty of this sport is that everyone can express their creativity.

In a world with over 7 billion people, no one can think, run and act like you.

You are unique, you matter, and you are an artist.


Disciplined individuals who are willing to persevere in the face of setbacks are more appealing than others. By persevering in the face of setbacks, you’ll learn a lot about yourself.

Because they are persistent athletes, they know what works in training. You must be persistent if you want to run faster.

Running easy will not be difficult for you. Your body adjusts to the stress that you put on it. If that stress is too low, there will not be any physical benefits.

Running a few miles each day can not make 5 minutes more off your half-marathon run time.

2.Take care

Take care of your craft. Anyone can run faster if they realize this simple truth.

Running fast takes skill and you can improve as quickly as any elite runner in the world. However, to excel in this sport requires you to care more about the other runners.

There is no substitute for caring about your art and your goals.

You will see the care you put into your preparations and how you feel when you reach the finish line. You will be more focused on your success and run faster if you pay attention to the small things in your training.

You can focus on three things: diet, sleep, and motivation.

3.Visit R.D.A.

I don’t want to be called a ‘fan’.

Superstars are what fans want, and I’m not one of them.

You can feel part of a running group and meet other runners who can help your run go faster. I encourage you to drop by and say hello.

Learning from others who have accomplished the same thing can help you run faster. Learn from others who have achieved similar results and adapt your training to achieve the same or better results.

4. Relax

The facial and shoulder muscles are usually the first to tensify.

This can be easily stopped by using powerful words in your running, such as “relax”, “smooth and strong”, etc.

Simply by running more relaxed, you can make your racing and training runs faster.

Stress is caused by too much wasted energy. You will be able to run faster if you redirect your energy elsewhere.

5.Be a fighter against the urge to run too fast, too early in your races

It doesn’t really matter where you are in the first mile of your 5K. Where are you in the final half-mile?

You don’t have to worry about the fact that you’re not in the lead or on pace for the first few miles.

It is important that you are able to respond quickly and move faster than others who were not as patient and wise as you, and are therefore slowing down in the race.

It’s not where you are in the beginning of a race, but at the end.

6.Fartlek Running into Your Training Regiment

This is a great way to make training more interesting and break up monotony.

How many times has it happened that someone passes us, and we don’t have the power to stop them?

You don’t have it to be this way. If you are experiencing it in the future, incorporating fartlek exercises into your training program can be your secret weapon.

It is important to be able react quickly to someone passing you. Sometimes, speeding up can be more beneficial than keeping the pace. We often forget that we have more energy than we think, and we keep going at the same speed thinking that that is all that matters.

It is a sign that we aren’t reaching our potential if we feel like we are going to die if we sprint to the finish of the race, despite having run 10 miles before.

It should also demonstrate that we have more to offer and show us how mentally stimulating this sport can be.

We are unable to react because we haven’t properly trained our energy systems.

To use fat as your primary fuel source at race speeds, it takes consistent, high-end hard work to make this a reality.

You can’t do it by just running every day and staying in your comfort zone. It’s when you push yourself like the great runners.

You can conserve carbohydrates to avoid the “wall” effect. This is what happens when you run for longer periods at higher heart rate.

7. Lose weight

Research has shown that weight loss can reduce your race time by an average of 2 seconds per kilometer.

8.Concentrate on your form

Lower your shoulders if you feel that they are too high. It’s that simple.

This is a rare issue unless you’re racing or running hard tempo runs. However, you can adjust your training to avoid problems like these.

Training is the best time to run relaxed and focus on form. This will allow you to fix any problems during racing.

9. Get out of your comfort zone

It’s a dangerous place, but it won’t help you reach new heights or take you to the top of your capabilities. Steven Pressfield calls it the Resistance in his book “Do The Work”.

Since our earliest days, we have been taught to follow the rules and not to question them.

We are both here for too little time.

To make your dreams come true, you need to dream bigger and think higher about yourself.


Although it may seem harsh, the vast majority of people won’t care if you try to.

Because I know what this sport involves, I do.

Although I understand what you are going through, the people telling you to “get a life”, “think realistic”, and “your putting too much focus here and not where I want it” won’t.

You have to step out of your comfort zone.

I’m sick and tired hearing the same lies repeated over and over again about people who aren’t genetically gifted or talented.

Get involved in your training. There is so much potential in you, take action.

10. Do not expect running to be easy.

As an athlete, one of my pet peeves is when people think I have talent.

I don’t.

Talent is evident in Dathan Ritzenhein. That kid ran 15.18 in my Malone University cross-country course.

That day, he absolutely destroyed the field.

My high school 5K record was 16.16. It was almost a minute slower than my best. He ran 2.07 to my 2.19. It’s a big difference.

A Soldier came up to me recently and said, “Sir” (a term I don’t like being called by but it is used in military respect) I wish I could run so fast as you.

My answer?

“Aim to be more than me.” You don’t have to see me as superior than you, I’m not. He sees the whole of society.The event(Someone he knows can run faster than him).

He couldn’t have witnessed the 21 years of monotonous, boring, tedious miles, sacrifices, hard work, and hardship.The processIt has taken him to run faster than he can.

11. Encourage someone with your abilities

It’s completely pointless to tell someone that I’m a 2.19 marathoner, without first telling them that they could do the same or better.

Humanity can be noble by helping others.

I wish the media outlets and news networks around the world would stop brainwashing the world with unspecified amounts of money and telling it that more wars are needed and trying to divide the world.

Some people believe in the lies. I don’t.

The world is lacking in love. Unfortunately, wars are big business for news media. But to me, it’s the most inspiring part of human life.

I never dreamed of becoming a Soldier as a child. You either love it or you hate it. I’m somewhere in between.

While I admire the people I work alongside and their dedication to their jobs, I dislike the so-called conflicts created by the elite. It is the soldier, airmen, coast guardsmen, marine and seaman who fight and die for these people.

If we stopped wasting time fighting, and instead encouraged and encourag one another to achieve great things, the world economy wouldn’t be in such a dire state.

It is important to be yourself.

You don’t matter if you are 50 lbs overweight, a marathoner or a runner in a 5K.

Because you can motivate someone to get fit, to transform their lives and to realize a dream that they once thought impossible, you matter.

This is how you can run faster.

Because you are inspired by the things you do with your life, you will be able to run faster.

You will feel a rush and be able to accomplish something others considered impossible. They will then follow your lead.

It matters.

12. Your speed doesn’t make you more valuable

Although I have a lot experience in the sport, there are still things I can learn from my readers. I get emails from them and interact with runners on various social media platforms. These lessons go beyond what I have ever done as an athlete.

Encourage yourself to run faster and let it motivate you to achieve great things with your mental and physical abilities. But don’t forget humility.

There will always be someone quicker somewhere in the world.

Kenyan schoolchildren run three times per day and have more motivation than me. It makes me wonder if I’m doing enough.

I would love to be able to run a marathon fast enough to earn the VIP treatment that major races wouldn’t pay attention to.

If this happens, I promise to hand-pick one of my readers for my place in the VIP tent and the free hotel.

This is something I will do everything in my power to make a reality. It is more blessed than receiving, according to Christ’s words.

13. It’s worth it to invest in the process. The event will be something you would not believe possible if someone told you otherwise

This is the bottom line. It is not necessary to make goals easy.

This life is your only chance to make it big so don’t forget to set wild goals.

Only you can declare “this is impossible”. While others may say your goal is impossible, it is up to each of you to decide if that is true.

It is important to take action every day. You won’t do it more days.

It is not easy to pick simple goals.

What motivates you to run for 24.59 if you’re a 25-minute 5K runner? What about 21.15?

What sound more exciting, appealing, or inspiring?

It could be one of these, and it can sometimes be very difficult to match past performance.

I ran 2.19.35 in December 2007 and I am still working to improve that time. However, I know that if I ran a 2.19.34, I wouldn’t feel as inspired.

40 years from now I know that if I don’t push my body to the limit and attempt something wild like 2.15.00 at 36, I will not get anything.

Living on the edge is better than living in the comfort zone.

We are both not certain tomorrow. Start pushing your limits on the roads and tracks.

Although I hated every moment of training, I told myself, “Don’t give up.” Do not suffer now, and you will live your whole life as a champion‘- Muhammad Ali

14. Change your shoes every 300-400 miles

Running faster if you are injury-free

Running faster is not possible if you are wearing worn-out shoes.

You can be sure you’re safe and healthy by taking small steps like making sure your shoes are in good shape. A stationary bike can make it difficult to run faster.

15. Listen to What Your Body is Telling You

This is critical to become a faster runner. This is a common error made by many runners. They believe that running every day is the best way to improve their performance.


To become a better runner, you don’t need to run 7 days a week or twice daily. It doesn’t matter how many miles you run or how often you run.

These are the questions to ask: What are your miles worth? And what do you do with the time you do train?

It is best to stop running on the ground if your Achilles tendon feels stiff.

Another option is to swim in the pool’s deep end and run. You will feel no impact on your tendon and joints.

You can make small adjustments and see major fitness gains.

It’s going to be a pain to try to run in the deep end if you only want to train as usual.


Which would you prefer? You can train in the pool, or you could be out of commission for several weeks or even months.

It’s easy, right?

Sometimes more is not better.

Do not try to be smarter. I ran as much as 142 miles per week to try and break 2.22.00, and I broke 2.20.00 when I ran 90-mile weeks.

16. Choose Competitive Races

Competitive races are a great way to improve your running speed.

What does it mean to win a race by 4 minutes, but finish a time that’s not close to what you had hoped for?

It’s great to win, but what if you finish third and set a personal best of 7 minutes?

Which would you choose? It all depends on your goals and the audience who is reading this article.

I’d rather choose a race that I didn’t think I would win, but I had a better chance of being tested in than a race I thought I could win.

17. Fight the Resistance

In his book Watcha Going To Do With That Duck Seth Godin puts it this way:

Risk is part of hard work.

It starts when you confront the fears that you don’t want to face: fear of failure or rejection, fear of being judged, fear about standing out.

It’s about hard work. You have to train yourself to jump over, tunnel under, and drive through this barrier. After you’ve completed that, it’s time to go back and do it again the next morning.

Stephen Pressfield defines resistance as any obstacle that prevents you from living the life that you want.

What is stopping you reaching your running or fitness goals?

Are you thinking you are too old, fat, or slow?

That thinking must be overcome. Once you have heard that part of your subconscious mind resisting, you can change the direction of your inner conversation.

I still remember how disappointed I was when I missed my chance to qualify for the 2008 USA OIympic Marathon Trials at Chicago Marathon.

I began to wonder (at least for that day) if I was capable running a marathon of 2.22.00 minutes.

I ran 2.51.52 miles and had to walk or jog 14 miles. Two months later, I ran 2.19 in 22 minutes.

You always have the option of listening to your brain and telling you to quit or that you’re not good enough. Or you can take action to make it work for you.

How do you explain?

Don’t give up when things don’t go according to plan.

The amygdala is the part of the brain that houses fear.

It’s the part of our brain that activates when we look in the rearview mirror and hear the sirens from the police pulling us over, or when we look at our phones and see it is our boss calling.

That feeling is well-known.

It is important to overcome the fear, worry, and limitations that can affect your athletic performance.

Focus on what you can control and you’ll be able to run faster.

You will be more focused and less stressed.

18. Use a Heart Rate Monitor

Many runners don’t know if they’re running too fast or slow during training.

Although I agree that it is possible to still reap the great benefits of a heart rate monitor, it is still a great option.

Since I was a freshman at college, I have been using heart rate monitors. They were recommended by Jack Hazen, my college coach.

5 Benefits of Meditation to Help You Stress Less

Meditation is an ancient art which helps eliminate both the physical and mental stress that imposes its toll on us. Let us look at 5 benefits of meditation to help you reduce stress:

1. It calms the mind

Before we start with meditation you have to calm down your mind. People usually say they do not have time to meditate because they do not have a lot of time to think. This is not true. If you sit in a comfortable place where you do not mind the people standing around you then meditation will be of use to you. The method of meditation to calm your mind is performance based on your need. Unless you are the one who thinks a lot, you will find it difficult to meditate. That is why filling your mind with useless things will not help. Your performance in meditation depends on your tendencies and on the state of your mind- there is no point talking about which meditation suits you best rather what will help you achieve your goals. In this regard, it is safe to say that those who practice meditation have a better performency percentage then others because they have already practiced it.

2. It helps you to be more patient

When you are in pain, you will generally tend to be more critical and you also suffer from irritability. Meditation makes you understand that you can take things step by step because although you may be in pain you can also be feeling happy orCalm-and this again is dependent on the state of your mind. So when you are under stress, neither you nor your loved ones will be able to understand what is happening. Meditation will help you to slow down and clear your head. You also practice being patient when you go to sleep. It is said that it takes twenty-one days to form a habit, so in this respect you need to set your goals effectively before you go to sleep.

3.It helps you to focus

Being harried by things that are happening to you or affect your life require you to be focused at least partially on what you are doing. Meditation helps you develop this habit, focus, so that you can take back control of your life at the end of the day. It also helps you discharge other daily stresses.

4.It relieves stress

We all face stress no matter whether it is at work, school, household, friends etc. When we are stressed, we tend to anger, have problems at home, neglect our responsibilities, and laze around. Meditation makes you restrain yourself from doing things that make you stressed, and at the same time you become more patient and understanding towards other people. It also helps you sleep and allows you to enjoy the sweet relaxation that is provided by sleep.

5.It relieves pain

Many people suffer from different kinds of chronic pain. Pain is the indicator of a good health. Meditation will also help you manage the physical pain that you experience from tingling, itching, burns, muscle spasms and more. It also helps manage your stress.

How to start

First, you need to get your mind ready to learn how to meditate, and then you need to practice meditating for at least twenty minutes every day.

Your mental attitude also affects the quality of your meditation. If you have skeptical mind, you will not be able to concentrate fully on meditation. Therefore, you need to establish with your mind a positive, stubborn attitude before you can meditate with full concentration.

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